Toontrack Funk MIDI (Download)

Toontrack Funk MIDI (Download)

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Collection of drum MIDI that captures the essence of funk - the groove

Superior Drummer
This product has been created to work with Toontrackå«s 
EZdrummer and Superior Drummer 2.0



A comprehensive collection of drum MIDI that captures the essence of funk: the groove.

More so than in any genre, the rhythm section and the overall groove in a funk song is the pivot point around which everything else revolves. In fact, some of the world’s most sampled drum beats come straight off classic funk records. Still to this day, the drum grooves of James Brown, Chaka Kahn, The Commodores and many others are sampled and cited as major influences by contemporary top music producers from around the world.

With that and some of the genre’s most influential songs and drummers in mind, Norman Garschke managed to create a versatile collection of drum MIDI that truly captures the essence of funk: the groove. But regardless of whether you’re into writing funk songs or not, this collection will provide you with sturdy and remarkably inspiring beats that will fall seamlessly into any pop, rock or modern context.



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