Toontrack Metal! MIDI (Download)

Toontrack Metal! MIDI (Download)

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Drum beats and fills played by Soilwork drummer Dirk Verbeuren

Superior Drummer

Please note: you will need EZdrummer or Superior Drummer 2.0 to use this product.

Please note that this pack contains the MIDI found in the Metal! EZX expansion pack.

In this collection of drum beats and fills, Soilwork and metal drummer extraordinaire Dirk Verbeuren dove into his back catalogue of records, picked his favourite and most versatile songs and delivered a highly energetic performance.

Dirk is widely known and praised not only for his inventive drumming and mind-boggling grooves, but also for being one of the worldå«s most dynamic and well-rounded e-drummers, having recorded several albums using Superior Drummer and an e-kit.

All these traits come into full swing in this collection: the ferocious double-bass patterns, the blast beats, the skank beats, the rolls and an abundance of Dirkå«s signature mad-scientist-fills.

All in all, the Metal! MIDI pack is a complete package covering some of metalå«s most superior drumming.

Works with EZdrummer, Superior Drummer (optimised for 1 kick, 1 snare, 2 toms, 2 floor-toms, 3 crash cymbals, 1 china, 1 ride cymbal).

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