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Don't let sibilance ruin an otherwise perfect vocal take! Pop filters can only do so much. When you need to remove pesky sibilance from a track, you need the right tool. That's why Antares makes the SYBIL Evo plug-in! This amazing de-esser lets you take care of sibilance issues with precision, so you keep the integrity of the track. This amazing plug-in gives you threshold, attack, decay, and ratio controls. You also get a variable sidechain highpass frequency control, so you can do your magic on a wide range of vocal tracks. SYBIL Evo is easy to use, very effective, and amazingly affordable!


  • Tames sibilance precisely and effectively
  • Threshold, attack, decay, and ratio controls
  • Variable sidechain highpass frequency
  • RTAS, VST, and Audio Units


  • Mac/PC


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