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SpectraFoo Complete

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SpectraFoo has been designed to provide all of the tools you need for a powerful suite of digital meters, with all of the resolution of hardware meters at a fraction of the price. With more than 15 individual metering tools, SpectraFoo gives you all of the information you need to analyze and prepare your audio, for production, performance, mastering, or broadcast.

SpectraFoo Complete was created for live sound engineers and mixing engineers. Including tools to measure your acoustic environment or verify the behavior of your external digital devices, SpectraFoo Complete provides the following additions to SpectraFoo:


Full featured world-class signal generator:SpectraFoo Complete has a high-resolution multi-tone, multi-noise, sweepable, burstable signal generator. The generator is capable of running in real-time, or alternatively striping signal into a capture or into an AIFF or SDII file. The interface to the signal generator is numerical, which makes it very precise,

  • Provides high resolution 24-bit distortion free signal generation
  • Up to 9 simultaneous sine sweeps
  • Pink and White noise generation
  • Burst Generation
  • FFT synchronized sine generation
  • Direct generation to audio I/O, captures and files



  • AAX: Pro Tools 10 for Mac/Win
  • AU: Any Mac AU host (32 & 64 bit)
  • iLok key and account (AAX and AU)

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