Rob Papen SubBoomBass (Download)
Rob Papen

Rob Papen SubBoomBass (Download)

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Ultra-deep groove bass synth with built-in step sequencer


SubBoomBass is filled with excessive amounts of low end ammunition to detonate your tracks! With presets designed by the legendary Rob Papen and other guest artists, this dedicated bass synth will supply you with huge cone-rattling sounds that will devastate any dancefloor. This software instrument is great for Hip Hop and RnB but can also be used for Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Garage, Grime and much more…

Based on the award winning Predator engine, SubBoomBass has been carefully crafted to provide you with the tools to create fresh new bass lines for any musical style. Rob Papen again displays his cutting edge and innovative style by combining the ‘phat’ sounding synth engine with tuned drum percussion samples and rare samples. These patches are great for fresh and completely new bass textures for Hip Hop and RnB basses but also for any producer that is on the cutting edge of modern music!

Other features include a groove sequencer and two effects slots which can be modulated. SubBoomBass also features a great ‘Easy Edit’ page and the unique ‘Quick Browser’ system that will allow you to find the sounds you need quickly and easily.

SubBoomBass Features

Oscillators section:

Filter section:

Filter2 section:

Filter Path:

Amp section:

Free modulation section

Play modes section:

Overall Pitch modulation section:


FX section:

Preset section:




This demo product will be usable in your host (music software) for 30 minutes at a time, and for 30 days time in total. After this period noise is added to the sound. Also, in this demo, all bank and preset loading or saving is disabled and a minimal amount of presets are included.









Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, RTAS (22,2Mb); VST 32/64 Bits (40,7Mb),

Mac OSX 10.5 or higher, AAX (24,5Mb); AU & VST 64Bits (56,5Mb); AU, VST and RTAS, 32Bits (77,4Mb); Tiger (OS-X 10.4) AU, VST and RTAS (77,2Mb), AAX OSX 10.8 with Pro Tools 10 now supported


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