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Recording Pack

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The Bread and Butter in Mix And Recording
Recording Pack is a well defined toolbox with a selection of Flux:: dynamic processing plug-ins and eq. providing a versatile and comprehensive set of precision tools for your everyday recording and mixing session work giving you the best processor for each task within the range of dynamics and equalization processing.

It includes 6 Flux plug-ins: Epure, Pure Compressor, Pure Expander, Pure DCompressor, Pure DExpander, Pure Limiter.
This bundle contains 6 products. You save 43% from the regular price!

Products included in this Bundle

Epure V3 $ 299
State-Of-The-Art Equalizer

Pure Compressor V3 $ 149
Pure Precision With Full Control

Pure DCompressor V3 $ 149
Restoring Lost Dynamics

Pure DExpander V3 $ 149
Intensifying The Sound Energy

Pure Expander V3 $ 149
Low Level Control

Pure Limiter V3 $ 149
Transparent Dynamics Control

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