Toontrack EZmix 2 Metal Presets Bundle (Download)

Toontrack EZmix 2 Metal Presets Bundle (Download)

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Money-saving bundle of six Metal and Rock EZmix preset packs

Already own Toontrackå«s EZmix 2? Produce Rock or Metal music?

This great value bundle combines six EZmix preset packs devoted to Rock and Metal music. These six packs would normally cost you a total of over å£180.00!

The six preset packs include:

EZX Metal Guitar GodsMetal Guitar Gods
Featuring rhythm, lead and clean sounds plus settings for acoustic guitar and bass, all the content was custom designed by four iconic metal guitarists – Fredrik Thordenal, Mattias IA Eklundh, Misha å«Bulbå« Mansoor and Devin Townsend.


EZmix Metal EssentialsMetal Essentials
The Metal Essentials EZmix Pack comes with exactly what its title implies: instant and essential presets for your metal productions! One click and you get JasonSurcofå«s take on how to beef up your guitars, drums, bass, vocals and overall master.


EZmix Metal EssentialsMetal
Introducing the Metal EZmix Pack by Daniel Bergstrand. Tons of quick and EZ presets for Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals...and yes, DRUMS! If you make metal, this was made for you. Mixing your metal really did just get that much more EZ.


EZmix Dirt PresetsDirt
Complete with amp/cab simulation settings for guitars and bass, vocals, instrument busses and much more, this pack is perfect for any pop, rock, metal or hardcore track in need of a fuel injection.


EZmix Metal EssentialsRandy Staub
The Randy Staub EZmix Pack comes with a variety of presets for the most common mix needs. Be it guitar, bass, vocals or drums, with this pack you are one click away from assigning Randy’s complex effect chains to your own tracks.


EZmix Mastering PresetsMastering
Whether you are working on a loud metal song, a mellow jazz tune or a big house anthem, this preset pack has one-click settings to take your mix from great to fantastic in no time. The pack comes with a wide variety of signal chains for the most common mastering needs and music genres.




Registered copy of EZmix 2

Registered copy of EZmix 2

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