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Liquid Bundle II

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A Variety of Incredible Effects

This bundle contains 6 products. You save 64% from the regular price!

The Liquid Bundle gives you a variety of incredible effects plug-ins. The plug-ins in this bundle include Liquid Compressor II, Liquid Delays II, Liquid Gate II, Liquid Mod II, Liquid Phase II and Liquid Verb II. These tools are ideal for the sound designer, mixer and musicians.

And although this plug-ins provides intuitive and simple controls, the sound quality they deliver is full and warm. And Liquid plug-ins operate efficiently to avoid over-taxing your CPU resources.

Designed by musicians for musicians, the Liquid Bundle II is an essential tool for your virtual studio.

Products included in this Bundle

Liquid Compressor II $ 59
Modern Compressor and Limiter
Liquid Delays II $ 59
Filtering Dual Delay with Tube Saturator
Liquid Gate II $ 59
Modern Noise Gate with Internal Side Chain
Liquid Mod II $ 59
Chorus and Flanger Effects
Liquid Phase II $ 59
Phasers from the 70s and 80s
Liquid Verb II $ 59
A Musical Digital Reverb

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