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Whether you're looking for a touch of breath for a pop ballad or full-on raspy grit for blues or punk, Antares ASPIRE Evo has the power to add the character your vocal tracks need. What's even better is that ASPIRE Evo will affect only the breathiness of your vocals, without otherwise affecting its harmonic characteristics, so the basic character of the performance remains the same. Don't let that fool you though, the effect of ASPIRE Evo can be just the touch your tracks need to stand out in the mix, without drowning out other instruments or taking up too much sonic bandwidth. 



  • Adds breath and rasp to your vocals
  • Subtle yet effective vocal effect that won't change the basic characteristics of you vocals



  • RTAS, AU, and VST format
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems

OS Requirements - Mac Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later

OS Requirements - PC   Windows XP or later

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